Media Outlets in The US & Europe vs. The Rest of The World

International Public Relations Campaigns Yield Greater Numbers of Articles & Press Coverage!!

Each region on planet Earth has their own digital magazines & media outlets. American and European media can be hard to gain coverage in, this is especially true for small direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands. If you're selling a product online, pursuing engagement in medium-sized digital magazines (globally) will always yield better results compared to a domestic strategy alone!

Expand to new markets. Tap new customer acquisition channels. Grow your company.

YLX Digital has fully-vetted regional partners that join our team on campaigns in their region. It takes a local guide to find the right magazines to target. Effective translation & culture fit is crucial, as are relationships. The best way to pitch a journalist will vary based on what region they are in, what works in America doesn't always work in other regions.

For most direct-to-consumer brands, digital magazines in other countries can be just as profitable, and are often easier to get coverage in.

      It's Time To Go Global...      


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